Bank participates in “SIBOS 2018” international conference and exhibition

Bank participates in “SIBOS 2018” international conference and exhibition


 Bank, the leading commercial bank in Azerbaijan, is taking part in the 40th SIBOS conference and exhibition organized this year for financial sector in Sydney, Australia.

This event, which is considered the largest annual meeting for banks, brings together thousands of representatives from the world’s leading financial institutions, consulting and consulting companies, software for software and application software developers. As in previous years, PASHA Bank participates in the conference as well as participates in the specialized banking technologies exhibition.

The most important issues of the current agenda for the financial sector are discussed at the SIBOS conference. This year’s conference will focus on issues related to the readiness of the market participants to continue their digital activities, with a focus on “Digits to the digital economy.”

In specialized sessions, experts will be given the opportunity to exchange views on the new role of banks in the context of modern conditions and future development opportunities, technological trends in the financial sector, cyber security standards and minimization of relevant risks, prospects for development of block technologies and other issues affecting the financial sector development .

According to Bank Chief Executive Officer Taleh Kazimov, SIBOS is an important venue for the development of the global financial sector as a whole by leading financial institutions, along with the creation of business relations and cooperation horizons.

“Strategic period covering 2018-2020 is the first phase of PASHA Bank’s transformation into a business model, as well as a transition to the active application of digital instruments and tools and adaptive approaches. Therefore, our participation in such a prestigious and large-scale event enables us to get acquainted with the world’s leading corporate banking experience in the field of business. Having gained experience of advanced international financial institutions, I am confident that our position in the banking sector of Azerbaijan will be further strengthened, “Kazimov said.



PASHA Bank has been consistently participating in the SIBOS conference and exhibition event over the past nine years. This event will be held in London next year, which is the organizer of the World Bank Interbank Financial Telecommunications Society (SWIFT).


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