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Online Loan: review and opinions

How many loan offers are there online! Of course, choosing is really complicated, opening costs, interest rates, speed of approval of the file, timing of disbursement of the loan, flexibility of the installment and whoever has more. Those just mentioned are very important factors, but there is also another factor that has its weight in the choice of the lender, namely the trust that the latter has been able to win. That’s why when you learned about the Bankate Online Loan, you decided to inquire and evaluate whether it can be the best personal loan for you.

In this review, in addition to listing the general characteristics of the online loan of Italian post offices, I also report the opinions of those who have already signed up for this loan and left feedback online. What do you say if we now get to the point? Take a few minutes to read this article and find out more about your possible future loan. Enjoy the reading.

Bankate Online loan: summary of the general characteristics

Bankate Online loan: summary of the general characteristics

The personal financing of Poste Italiane online is dedicated to the holders of a Bankate account, and can be requested and managed directly through the internet platform made available to the customer.

Among the general characteristics of this product we find:

  • Maximum amount that can be requested: 30 thousand USD
  • Loan duration: from 24 to 84 monthly installments
  • Refund procedure: direct debit from the Bankate bank account
  • Insurance: not required

Those that I have mentioned only some of the specifications of the product, the details we will go into them throughout the article.

Review and opinions

Review and opinions

The Bankate Online loan was positively assessed by those who requested it. The general opinions in fact determine that this product is accessible and fast as it can be requested directly online, without having to go to a post office.

In addition to the advantage of being able to apply for funding online, users also appreciated the possibility of managing everything directly on the platform made available by Poste Italiane. In addition, the flexibility of the installment was also positively assessed, as you can choose to change the amount or skip them during the loan.

The only flaw found, however, is that this can only be requested by holders of a Bankate account. This clause can of course also be respected by those who do not have an account at the moment, as it is possible to open it in a post office before making a loan application.

The Bankate online loan is recommended for all those who are looking for a financial product that can be managed directly online, without having to go to the post office. This also adapts to the needs of those who need a sum for purchase or to obtain greater liquidity in a short time.

In conclusion, the product generated positive opinions both in terms of management and in terms of delivery speed after sending the application.

Full description

As mentioned, the Bankate online loan can be requested directly online. This is possible thanks to the use of digital signature to mark the contract at the time of delivery.

To send the application, therefore, simply access the Italian Post Office platform with your login data, enter the required data, upload the documents and check the progress directly from your PC.

As for the request, the management of the entire loan is completely online and allows you to change the duration or the amount of the installment in line with your needs.

Who can apply for it: the online loan application can be submitted by …

  • Residents in Italy
  • The holders of a Bankate account
  • Public and private employees hired on permanent contracts
  • Independent and self-employed professionals who have already made at least one tax return
  • Do not have ongoing loans that exceed 2/5 of the net salary value (unless you are applying for debt consolidation funding)
  • You don’t have to be registered with CRIF as a bad payer
  • You must have a good credit rating

Required documents: there are not many documents for the Bankate online loan and must be uploaded directly to the platform at the time of application. I’m…

  • Valid identity card
  • Fiscal Code
  • Pay slip, pension slip or Single Model
  • Document certifying the regularity of the stay for non-EU citizens residing in Italy

Amount that can be requested: the amount that can be requested ranges from a minimum of three thousand USD up to a maximum of 30 thousand.

Duration of the loan: the duration of the loan ranges from a minimum of 2 years up to a maximum of 7 years. During the management of the loan, if the exchange or skip installment options are used, the loan can reach a maximum duration of 108 months.

Disbursement: upon acceptance of the loan, the credit is made directly to the applicant’s Bankate account.

Repayment method: the loan is repaid in monthly installments with automatic debit on the applicant’s Bankate account.

Interest rates and duration

To calculate, simulate a loan and see the installment, interest rates and amortization plan of the Bankate Loan, just register on the site, and complete the guided procedure.

Once you have registered and logged in, you can follow the instructions on the screen and simulate your loan after selecting the type of loan. You can choose between the following types of loans:

  1. Loan for the purchase of a home
  2. Loan for the renovation of a home
  3. Loan to furnish the house
  4. Loan for debt consolidation and thus having only one installment
  5. Change an old mortgage with one more suited to current needs
  6. Loan to take a vacation, a wedding, study etc …
  7. Small loan for liquidity
  8. Loan for medical, aesthetic or other health and well-being treatments

Once the type of loan has been selected, all that remains is to follow the simple instructions that will be shown to you on the screen step by step. Here is a simulation – you can also find it on the post office website but for convenience I summarize it below.

Example of financing for 14,000 thousand USD

Below is an example for a loan of $ 14,000. Note the APR interest rate which on a repayment calculated on 72 monthly installments is 7.64%. To date, this rate is in line with the offers available online.

  • Duration: 72 months
  • Monthly rate: 240.37 USD
  • Interest rates: fixed Tan 7.25% and APR 7.64%

Payment and method of repayment of installments

As far as loan disbursement is concerned, these are approximately 7/15 working days – unless the file does not run smoothly and is approved without delay. The money is paid into the Bankate bank account.

The refund is made by direct withdrawal / direct debit from the Bankate account.

As already mentioned, Poste Italiane relies on AStro Finance for this loan despite the fact that interest rates remain in line with most of the loans offered online.

Alternatives to the Bankate Online Loan

Alternatives to the Bankate Online Loan

Before proceeding with Bankate, I recommend that you also evaluate the personal loans offered by Bankate, Caloper and AStro Finance. These Banks – Financials directly manage the loans while the Poste Italiane case relies on AStro Finance, which is why going to the source could offer some additional economic advantage.