Bank Announces First 6 Months Financial Results of 2018

Bank Announces First 6 Months Financial Results of 2018


Bank, the leading corporate bank in Azerbaijan, announced its financial results at its press conference for the six months ended June 30, 2018 and its subsidiaries (Bank Georgia and PASHA Investment Bank AS). Member of the Board of the Bank, Chief Financial Officer Bahruz Nagiyev made the keynote speech at the event.

Net profit of the Bank for the six months ended June 30, 2018 was AZN 35,394 thousand, which was AZN 50,324 thousand for the first six months of the previous year. Interest income on June 30, 2018 reached AZN 109,031 thousand. As at 30 June 2017 this amount was AZN 132,453 thousand.

Non-interest income amounted to AZN 15,586 thousand on June 30, 2018, which is a 16% share of total operating revenues. The Bank’s total operating revenues decreased by 10% to AZN 97,489 thousand compared to the previous year. The major part of non-interest income is income from dilutive transactions – AZN 7,952 thousand or 51%. This means that the share of net income in total operating income is 8%. Net fee and commission income amount to AZN 7,390,000, representing 47% of non-interest income and 8% of total operating revenues.

For the six months ended 30 June 2018, the total operating expenses of the Bank increased by 2% to AZN 43,606 thousand compared to the same period of the previous year. The rate of income ratio for the six months ended June 30, 2018, increased to 45%. For the same period of 2017 the same amount was 40%. PASHA Bank currently implements the cost calculation methodology. This initiative will provide more accurate information for product and segment analysis. This, in turn, will make a positive contribution to the price formation mechanism.

As a result of the strategic decision taken to diversify its portfolio of assets, the Bank has maintained a good balance of its services. As at 30 June 2018, the aggregate assets of Bank amounted to AZN 4,469,931 thousand, which is a 24% increase over the 3,614,019 thousand AZN registered in the respective year 2017.

The Bank’s assets as at 30 June 2018 are as follows:


The Bank

Cash and cash equivalents – 36.1%

Loans to customers – 34.4%

Investment securities – 18.5%

Amounts due from credit institutions – 6.5%

Other assets – 4.5%

As of June 30, 2018, the Bank’s total loans reached AZN 1,566,498 thousand. It means a 11% increase compared to the end of 2017.

The effective interest rate of the loan portfolio at 30 June 2018 was 3.9%. This interest rate remained stable compared to 4.5% on December 31, 2017. The quality of the loan portfolio is one of the Bank’s main goals and is under strict control. PASHA Bank has a very comprehensive lending and risk assessment process. In addition, this process is constantly being improved by the Bank’s credit risk specialists. All these procedures prevent significant changes and unexpected results in the amount of reserve and provide reasonable predictions.

PASHA Bank continues to increase customer base based on its relationships and quality of its services over the years. As at 30 June 2018, customer accounts increased by 15% compared to the end of the year and reached AZN 3,320,558 thousand. As a result, the ratio of cumulative loans to customer accounts decreased by 47% compared with the 49% observed at the end of 2017.

As of 30 June 2018, the Bank’s total capital adequacy ratio was 11% (this figure was 15% at 31 December 2017). The liquidity ratio as of 30 June 2018 was 96%. It should be noted that this figure was 99% by the end of 2017.

PASHA Bank has maintained its position as the largest commercial bank in terms of its total equity capital of 542,821 thousand manats. At the same time, the bank paid 61,414 thousand Dividends for the first six months of 2018.

PASHA Bank is committed to increasing its share in corporate and KOS sector by maintaining competitive and progressive products to its customers and maintaining its leading position in the Azerbaijani market.

The quality of assets and the adoption of proper financial decisions for customers are still number one priorities and the Bank has continued to invest in improving this approach from year to year. Having become a regional local bank in Azerbaijan, PASHA Bank has introduced a concept of banking and credit risk researches that have been built on the relationships in local banking, which has resulted in asset quality and profitability in a changing economic environment.

As an ambitious bank, PASHA Bank has become a regional bank, overcoming recent peaks in recent years. The Bank, which operates on a larger scale, fully comprehends its responsibilities in every decision taken on a daily basis. Investment and financial aspects are based on appropriate measurement units and reflect the concept of long-term and sustainable growth. The Bank demonstrates the highest level of accountability to its partners by applying unique and sophisticated internal and external financial reporting standards in the local banking segment in accordance with the IFRS.

Bank participates in “SIBOS 2018” international conference and exhibition


 Bank, the leading commercial bank in Azerbaijan, is taking part in the 40th SIBOS conference and exhibition organized this year for financial sector in Sydney, Australia.

This event, which is considered the largest annual meeting for banks, brings together thousands of representatives from the world’s leading financial institutions, consulting and consulting companies, software for software and application software developers. As in previous years, PASHA Bank participates in the conference as well as participates in the specialized banking technologies exhibition.

The most important issues of the current agenda for the financial sector are discussed at the SIBOS conference. This year’s conference will focus on issues related to the readiness of the market participants to continue their digital activities, with a focus on “Digits to the digital economy.”

In specialized sessions, experts will be given the opportunity to exchange views on the new role of banks in the context of modern conditions and future development opportunities, technological trends in the financial sector, cyber security standards and minimization of relevant risks, prospects for development of block technologies and other issues affecting the financial sector development .

According to Bank Chief Executive Officer Taleh Kazimov, SIBOS is an important venue for the development of the global financial sector as a whole by leading financial institutions, along with the creation of business relations and cooperation horizons.

“Strategic period covering 2018-2020 is the first phase of PASHA Bank’s transformation into a business model, as well as a transition to the active application of digital instruments and tools and adaptive approaches. Therefore, our participation in such a prestigious and large-scale event enables us to get acquainted with the world’s leading corporate banking experience in the field of business. Having gained experience of advanced international financial institutions, I am confident that our position in the banking sector of Azerbaijan will be further strengthened, “Kazimov said.



PASHA Bank has been consistently participating in the SIBOS conference and exhibition event over the past nine years. This event will be held in London next year, which is the organizer of the World Bank Interbank Financial Telecommunications Society (SWIFT).

Debts with Tickets, Tickets, Invoices Are you in debt?


I’m in debt, I have to pay my debts! How do you know if you are in debt? It’s tricky, but most people do not usually make too many bills in their day-to-day life, and only realize they’re full of debt when it’s too late. Carnations that do not stop arriving, charges by phone, letters, e-mail … It is to take the sleep of anyone. Do not wait to get bogged down in debt to take action, start now!

First steps


The first step is to put on paper all the bills that you need to pay in the month. Do not lie to yourself, put ALL the bills, from the breakfast roll to the purchase on the card you’ve hidden from your husband or wife. Add everything. After that, add up all the proceeds that will be used to pay these bills: benefits, salaries, wages, commissions, rents, receipts, everything. Now the account is simple, take the total of the revenues and reduce the total expenses. So, did you get scared by the result? If the value was positive, congratulations! Now it’s negative, it’s time to do something about it, do not you think?

Financial planning

Financial planning


Being between heaven and hell (in the red) is not a comfortable situation for anyone, but getting lamenting also will not solve the problem. If you’re spending more than you should, there are only two solutions: either you increase your revenues, or you lower your costs and expenses. Using your money consciously, making financial planning and respecting your limits is the ideal recipe for anyone who wants to thrive financially, make money more and build a better quality of life in the long run for you and your family.


The marketing industry produces more and more consumer items desired by many people every day, everyone wants fashionable clothes, fashionable cell phones, the most modern computer. The incentive to consumption, the increase in the use of disposable products and the constant evolution of the electronics and household appliances makes the purchase volume of these items is much higher than it was some time ago.

Avoiding Debts

Avoiding Debts

But is there any formula for avoiding debts? Formula maybe not, what exists is the exercise of your conscience and respect for your limits, according to your budget. Before buying anything be honest with yourself and ask yourself: Do I really need this? If the answer is yes, ask yourself another question: Do I really need this now? Stipulating buying priorities is a smart way to spend your money on what you really need and avoid spending on futile or impulse-bought items.

Financial health

Financial health

Money is a bargaining chip, but it can not be synonymous with exchanging a quiet life for a life full of worries about debt. Follow the tips you’ve read above and see the result yourself! Building a healthy and prosperous financial life can be the key to a future free from worry and full of happiness and accomplishments.

Personal Finance Tips to Manage Your Money!



You have money? Money controls you or you control your money , who controls who? The term personal finance still scares a lot of people, but it means nothing less than controlling the expenses and revenues of your personal life, it is in this item that you will determine whether you will control your money or if it will control you.

When it comes to budget control, many people think that in order to understand and practice the subject, one needs a diploma, a higher education course or an accountant because they are mistaken. My earliest personal finance concepts I learned even before attending school, with my mother, who despite not even having a high school diploma, is a master at home economics. The great secrets that have been revealed to me and which I now pass on to you are very simple and do not require any magic formula:

1 -) Never spend more than you earn :


At this moment you must be wondering, with spending little? I have so many accounts, and everything is so expensive! So we got into the second board.

2 -) I really need this :


To spend less we need to practice and perform a great exercise when buying something, regardless of the amount to be spent. Ask yourself do you really need this? We do not always buy just what we need, and often buy because it’s cheap and worth it. But at this point we need to consider whether it’s worth having to pay by credit card, for a new shoe, a video game, new wheels for the car, etc …

3-) Value your money :

3-) Value your money :

Value every penny you earn and the moment you need to buy something, research well. Prices vary a lot from store to store, do not be ashamed, search, rate, haggle. After all the money you are using is yours, earned through your work and effort and if you do not value it, no one will.

4 -) Write down all expenses :

4 -) Write down all expenses :


keep note of everything you buy and for what you do not have note put in a notebook, this is key so that you at the end of the month look and review everything you have spent, so you know where you invested your money. This will help you to see if there was unnecessary expense, so that you take more care next time.


5 -) Credit card :

5 -) Credit card :


It is useful, but in the right measure: having a credit card does not mean that you should spend the limit every month and also that you need to get into debt with it. Do not be afraid of the card, just know that it can be villain or good boy depending on the use you make of it. The conscious use of credit and your money is the best way out, so plan the expenses, put in the card only what is really needed and never forget that even buying on the card will have to pay later.

You see, controlling your money against consumerism is the hard part, and curbing the urge to buy is not being miserable, but being aware of what you are getting. Here are some basic tips that can change your financial life if you choose to understand them, but just thinking about them will not change your bank account, you need to put it into practice every day, every day until it becomes habit. Show your money that you have control over it, and get to work!

Amortization of Debt from Bank Financing


Anyone who has already borrowed money knows that there are almost always costs involved. Be it the interest rates charged on the cash advance, or additional costs built into the financial transaction, the credit card billing delay, the foreclosure costs or notary’s expenses at the conclusion of the contract etc. In general borrowers can not deduct the costs of debt financing immediately. Instead, they need to pay off these costs over the life of the loan or financing.

The amortization of debt

The amortization of debt

In case of this article: how to repay loan debts in banks, borrowers who have contracted loan or financing with extended repayment term, have the possibility to pay installments in advance, carry out the reduction of the initial term of the financing or if you want, can also portability the loan financed to reduce the installments paid monthly.

You can usually pay off your debt financing costs. This involves recognizing these costs over the life of the loan, using what is known as the effective interest method. This method is a bit more complicated than a linear method, but results in faster deduction recognition.

To help in this process, it is not advantageous for them, the main Brazilian banks have different forms of procedures for this purpose. Check out how each one acts.

Amortization at Banco do Brasil

Amortization at Banco do Brasil

In the “Banco do Brasil” (BB), carry out the operation for debt repayment or settlement of financing installments in advance by being done without problems or hindrances, for this the borrower should seek the agency that was granted the real estate loan and do the payment, at least, to the amount of a current installment. The BB client also have the possibility to opt for the reduction of the value of the provision of the financing or the term financed. The repayment of the debt for the reduction of term is decreasing, that is, backwards / from the last installment to the first.

Amortization in the Savings Bank


According to the “Caixa Econômica”, the payment of installments to anticipate the term of operations with real estate credit, can be made in any agency of the institution in all Brazilian territory, but the option is not allowed for “financing in the Par Acquisition” ( Residential Lease Fund of the Minha Casa Minha Vida Program), for families with a monthly income of up to 3 minimum wages. Repayment is only possible if the borrower is in full (on time) with the installments of the contract when the advance is requested.

Amortization at Itaú Unibanco

Amortization at Itaú Unibanco

For Banco Itaú clients who have “Itaú real estate financing” and wish to amortize debts with prepaid installments, part of them or the total debt with the institution, the first step is to contact the “Imobfone” on the telephone 11-4004-7051 or 0300-7897051 , during business hours. The service of the “Imobfone” will give all the instructions and documentation necessary to carry out the operation.

Amortization at Bradesco

Amortization at Bradesco

In Bradesco, the client does not even have to leave the house, if you want to repay the debt of real estate financing, simply enter the bank’s website through the internet and make the option of one of the two types of early settlement available, to be amortized in the real estate financing in the same current account in which the debit of the installments occurs monthly. That simple.

Amortization in Santander


The extraordinary amortization or early settlement of debts in Santander also occurs in a simplified way, the borrower contacts the “Real Estate Credit Advisory Santander” at the telephones 11-3553-4058 (São Paulo), 21-3460-1304 (Rio de January) and 0800-286-0909 for other Brazilian locations. When the client wants to make a repayment in the financing, he informs the amount that he wants to write off, to carry out the liquidation of the financing, Santander’s advice informs the debit balance. In both cases, the central Santander sends the ticket to the borrower to make the payment.

Amortization at HSBC


At HSBC the borrower should go to a branch of the nearest bank and request a simulation of the debt repayment , they are two options, it is possible to check the repayment by the number of installments or the balance due. To have access to simulation, the borrower will need to identify himself through the CPF and RG or CNH, after that, the agency issues the ticket to make the payment.